Our Objectives

Helping our Clients solve problems and achieve competitive advantage is our core objective. Our tagline “Working Together Always” outlines clearly our business service offerings where we provide services to assist you in undertaking activities that are not your core competencies, leaving you with the opportunity to excel in what you do best.

Our Methodology

The business process begins with our experienced business and project managers developing a clear understanding of the organisation and the specific project.

RMA Projects: RMA Projects provides resource management, direction and overall project management of projects which RMA Group undertakes. It is supported by the other three companies or what we termed as the three Ts.

RMA Contracts: RMA Contracts is the executing arm of the Group and provides the Technical expertise required to run the project. RMA have pillars of excellence that holds the knowledge, processes, premises and operational staff required for the project.

RMA Consultants: RMA Consultants is a fully licensed Manpower Agency under Ministry of Manpower and provides the Talent acquisition required for our projects. Providing services of recruitment and manpower placement, any manpower needs required for the project would be handled by RMA Consultants.

RMA Infoworks: RMA Infoworks is out Technology arm providing R&D, support and maintenance of our IT resources for our projects. Aside from services such as helpdesk support, development and maintenance service, they offer off-the shelf products such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Processing System, Document Management System amidst others.